Wednesday, 4 July 2012

There Is Apparently A Hacker On MovieStarPlanet... There Name Is "Anonymous"!....Don't Be Scared Though Because This Is Not True. Many People Are Saying That There Is A Group Of People Called Anonymous. The Group Name Is True But If The People Of MovieStarPlanet Read The information About Anonymous Correctly You Would Have Known That The Group Anonymous Only Hack Major Websites Such As:

And Instragram.
Not Childrens Websites Like MovieStarPlanet!!!
Also I have Some Proof That Some Of The Anonymous Forum Etc Are Lies!!!, Here Is Some Of My Ideas:

. Everyone's Hacking Stories Are Different, Or if People Say Something On a Forum And Then Someone Comments Under It "That Happened To Me As Well" And Then  The Person Who Made the Forum Automatically Says Oh yeah me To! 

. The Little Test Forum "Anonymous" Made could have been made when she was VIP or She Made The Forum Then Deleted Herself To Make The Whole Situation Creepier... o_0

. On the Login Screen When Anonymous Appears It could be A glitch On Msp Because quite a lot of peoples characters appear there without the user known.

. Lets Get This Straight!!!, The Noises in the cafes where put there to Make it seem more realistic. And The Speech in it does not say anything about it being There Kingdoms So stop spreading it Around Msp and scaring Young Children... Please!!!